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Know your candle,

love your candle

What makes ours great.

Aren’t we all “nose first”when it comes to our candles? We are! But like a good friend, what’s inside is just as important.


Our thoughtfully crafted candles are made in small batches, are poured by hand and then tested so we know the quality with consistency of every candle we make. We chose 100% naturally vegan and sustainable soy wax that is made in North America that meets strict health and safety standards.


Our fragrance oils are skin safe and are 100% phthalate and paraben free because that’s just not who we are. We have made the decision to carefully select only high quality ingredients because it has shown us time and again, our candle blends will give you a longer burning candle and will not expose you to harmful ingredients like paraffin or other petroleum by-products found in many common mass produced candles.